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We invite you to participate in Blue Mountain Clinics 8th annual signature event, fundraiser, and Fashion Show, Off the Rack. This year, the theme is “Bringing Sexy Back!” We are seeking tasteful, wearable art creations made by utilizing (non-lubricated) condoms. We invite you to let loose your creativity and craft bras, dresses, suits, ties and accessories that celebrate safe sex and healthy sexuality. These fashions will be modeled on the runway at the Wilma Theater on February 21st, 2015.

Off the Rack seeks to promote healthy sexuality that goes beyond barriers, gender, and stigma. We believe that sexuality is something to celebrate and that healthy safe expressions of sexuality should be encouraged and supported. We encourage you, as artists, to combine your artistic vision, our theme, and latex to instigate conversation that makes our community safe, sexy, and healthy.

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For more information contact Trinda Rieck at 721-1646,

Contraceptive Superheros


2014 SNEAK PEAK by local filmmaker, Mike Hanich

By combining humor, art, and latex, Off the Rack creates community conversation around healthy sexuality with a performance and raucous crowd like NO OTHER in town. Early each February, models dressed to the “condom nines” take over the runway at Missoula’s Wilma Theater, all in the name of choices in health care. By creating high-fashion clothes out of condoms, our artists really show us just how exciting safe sex can be!

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OFF THE RACK- 2013 Highlights: Videography by Lynn-Wood Fields

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